Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation is the important procedure for your employment/work visa in UAE or Gulf countries irrespective of your country of citizenship. Only attested certificates will be accepted to issue your employment/work visa, be it UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Kuwait. The attestation procedure requires your document to move from the various government department to departments. There will be minimum four to five stamps applied on your certificate and many fees are involved for the same. We prompt attestation services are a pioneer in the field of attestation and we can guide in a proper way and get your Degree certificate attested without waste of time and money.

We do Degree Certificate Attestation for more than 70 countries, the major part of degree certificates attested in our daily routine is as under.

  • India Degree Certificate
  • USA Degree Certificate
  • UK Degree Certificate
  • Australia Degree Certificate
  • Canada Degree Certificate
  • New Zealand Degree Certificate
  • South Africa Degree Certificate
  • Malaysia Degree Certificate
  • Hong Kong Degree Certificate
  • Singapore Degree Certificate
  • France Degree Certificate
  • Germany Degree Certificate
  • Jordan Degree Certificate
  • Lebanon Degree Certificate

likewise, you name it we will serve your degree certificate attestation process.

Once you choose us for your certificate attestation and contact us, our document attestation experts will guide you through the available services like regular, premium and super express service according to your requirement. Then below are the crystal clear process of the attestation of your degree certificate (which are same for the majority of the countries).

Attestation Procedure from Collection to Delivery

1) Prompt Attestation services representative will collect your degree certificate and required supporting documents from your location in UAE. (Which is free of cost).

2) Once the certificate arrives at our office, the details of the certificate will be registered under our system.

3) Since the attestation procedure of each certificate starts from the country where the certificate was issued, it will be sent to the respective country on the same working day through our logistic partners. (Prompt Attestation is a premium partner with major logistics service providers).

4) The certificate will reach our branch office in the country where the certificate was originally issued from, within 2 working days (maximum) depends on the distance.

5) Our team in the respected country will start the procedure as below (for most of the degree certificates)

  • Notarization in home country (Notary Public)
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in home country (MOFA – Home Country)
  • UAE Embassy in the home country

6) The certificate will be sent back to Prompt Attestation Services Head office in UAE from our branch office of the respective country.

7) The certificate goes for Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for final attestation.

8) Our representative will deliver the completely attested document to your location. (Which is also free of cost).

We hope, degree certificate attestation procedure details mentioned above will clear all your doubts. If still, you have a question fill up our “Ask for a Quote now” form which will take just a few seconds or call +971551762864 or drop us an email to

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