Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate is a document which proves that the particular individual does not have any criminal record and violation of law in his origin country or any other country he was residing before.

Why do you need Police Clearance Certificate?

As per the UAE immigration law with effect from February 4th, 2018, expats who are willing to come on the work visa to UAE should present attested good conduct certificate issued from authorities of law and order department (typically issued by police) from their home country or the country of residence over the past five years.

What are the other names for Police Clearance Certificate?

It is also known as Good conduct Certificate, good citizen certificate or judicial record extracts.

Can I apply my Police Clearance certificate through Prompt Attestation Services?

Yes, we can get your police clearance certificate from UAE police and from few more specific countries. For rest of the countries, individual physical presence is required to apply on your own and get it. But we can assist you to get the attestation done for your PPC from any issuing country with our regular, premium and super express services according to your required time frame.

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