Indian Certificate Attestation in UAE

Indian Certificate Attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation For UAE

Indian certificate attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of an Indian educational or non-educational certificate for use in the UAE. The attestation process involves having the certificate authenticated by the Indian government and then by the UAE government.
The process of attestation take time and Prompt Attestation Services prides itself on offering the most cost-effective and efficient certificate attestation in Dubai,UAE to meet your needs. Furthermore, any Indian university functioning outside of India, such as Amity University, BITS Pilani, Anna University, Bangalore University, Mangalore University, Punjab University, etc are mainly accredited and registered in India. Hence, the certificates issued from these universities need attestation from the Indian Authorities.

What is the Process of Indian Certificate Attestation?

    The process generally involves Five levels of authentication:

  1. Notarization
  2. Sub division magistrate
  3. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation in India.
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation in India.
  5. Ministry of Foreign affairs(MOFA) in UAE

Indian Educational Certificate

  1. Degree Certificate Attestation
  2. Master Degree Attestation
  3. Pre Degree Attestation
  4. Diploma Certificate Attestation
  5. Engineering Certificate Attestation
  6. Bachelor Certificate Attestation
  7. B Tech. Certificate Attestation
  8. Mark sheets Attestation

Indian Personal Documents

  1. Marriage Certificate Attestation
  2. Birth Certificate Attestation
  3. School Leaving Certificate Attestation
  4. Divorce Certificate Attestation
  5. Transfer Certificate Attestation
  6. Medical Certificate Attestation
  7. Death Certificate Attestation
  8. Experience Certificate Attestation

Indian Commercial Documents

  1. Board Resolution Attestation
  2. Commercial Invoices Attestation
  3. Certificate of Origin Attestation
  4. Memorandum of Article
  5. Shareholders Resolution
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
  7. Memorandum of Association
  8. Articles of Association

Purpose of Indian Degree Attestation for UAE:

  1. Employment Visa
  2. To get the Eligible Profession
  3. Labour Card Processing
  4. Visa Designation Change
  5. Embassy or Consulate Purpose
  6. MOH Examination/ DOH Examination
  7. Equivalency and Higher Education

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    Indian certificate attestation for UAE