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Do you need Indian certificate attestation for the UAE? or If you are an Indian citizen living in Dubai and wish to attest your documents, then you can utilize our first-class services.

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Attestation of educational documents is required for the following purposes:


Employment Visa

An employment visa allows a foreign national to travel to the United Arab Emirates in order to live and work in the country for a specified amount of time.


To get the Eligible Profession

Profession like Doctors, Managers, Executive, Engineers, Administration officer, Accountants, Marketing Specialist you need to attest your university certificate.


Labour Card Processing

Labor card which is also known as a work permit is the identity proof of the workers in the UAE.


Visa Designation Change

Designation on a visa is based on the available list as per the visa regulations. Once it is stamped on your passport, only upon a change of labour contract the visa designation will change; and
this cannot be done without your employer’s consent.


Embassy or Consulate Purpose

Embassies and consulates allow governments to cultivate political alliances, maintain cultural and trade relationships, and facilitate travel between citizens of their territories.


MOH Examination/ DOH Examination

MOH Exam stands for Ministry of Health Exam. The exam is conducted by the Ministry of Health UAE. It is a medical license exam that is conducted for appointing healthcare professionals who can work at different healthcare centers all over UAE.


Equivalency and Higher Education

Equivalency certification is the process by which the Ministry of Education endorses the educational qualification and confirms the education to be equal to UAE’s standard. This, specifically, is required by those students who wish to pursue higher studies in the UAE.

The process to attest documents take time and Prompt Attestation Services prides itself on offering the most cost-effective and efficient Indian certificate attestation services to meet your needs. Furthermore, any Indian university functioning outside of India, such as Amity University, BITS Pilani, Anna University, Bangalore University, Mangalore University, Punjab University, etc are mainly accredited and registered in India. Hence, the certificates issued from these universities need attestation from the Indian Authorities.

Steps Involved in Attesting Indian Documents

For your Indian Certificate Attestation in Dubai, we will require both the original certificate and a copy of your passport.

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