Divorce Certificate Attestation

Divorce Certificate Attestation


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Attestation Process

The process of Certificate Attestation for UAE:

Notarization in the home country


Divorce Certificate Attestation

A divorce certificate is a document issued by the court with its final judgment which is an official document for the termination of a marriage. It contains the name of both separated husband and wife, the date and place of the marriage ended, and the rights and responsibilities of each party after the divorce. If you want to use your divorce certificate in UAE or any foreign country for any legal purpose Divorce Certificate Attestation is a must.

Prompt Attestation Services can help you to get your certificate attested without the presence of the document holder(s) under various legal departments. Document attestations are quite lengthy processes which vary in each country under different requirements. Find below the requirements, and benefits of attesting a divorce certificate.


Why you need Divorce Certificate Attestation:

  • Getting a name change in the passport and official documents.
  • To get singleness certificate.
  • For getting married.
  • To get foreign country visas (only where applicable).
  • To change beneficiaries on your insurance policies.
  • For any legal purpose.

Required Documents:

  • Original Divorce Certificate (May vary depending on countries).
  • Passport copy of the certificate holder.
  • Visa copy (if applicable)
  • Authorization letter to prompt attestation (If applicable)

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