What is Attestation? Requirement of Document Attestation in UAE

certificate attestation

Now days, all deals whether it is personal or corporate are legally requisite and administrated by law. Due to the legal effects the document should be attested or approved by an official authority before use in UAE. Read More

8 reasons Why Your UAE Visa Application May Be Rejected

visa services

If you held a residence visa previously and left the country without cancelling the UAE visa.To get an approval, the PRO will have to go to the immigration department and clear your previous residency visa. Read More

How Can Your Newborn Child Get UAE Residence Visa?

child residence visa in UAE

Have you thought about all the paperwork especially when it comes time to bring new family member into this world?

From the beginning, you will be asked for marriage certificate, passport copy and residence visa in original or copy to open maternity file. Second thing need to check with your medical insurer whether it covers maternity or not? Read More

Certificate Attestation – South Africa

south africa certificate attestation

Certificate attestation in South Africa requires the original document to be utilized in the verification process. Attestation process is not same for all the documents it varies upon documents and where you want to use that document. Read More

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