Polish Documents Attestation

poland certificate attestation

Polish Documents Attestation

Poland became a member of the Apostille convention held in Hague on 14th August, 2005. The documents will be attested or apostilled depending on whether the destination country is a member of the convention as well or not.

Any documents issued in Poland that need to be used in non-member countries of the apostille convention such as the UAE have to be legalized in the following manner:

  • Notarization (non-educational documents)
  • Notarization and court (Power of Attorney etc.)
  • NAWA Institution (Educational documents)
  • Translation to English
  • Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UAE Embassy in Warsaw
  • UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Polish documents are usually issued in bilingual format; hence, translation is not necessary most of the time. Also, the documents in Poland are attested on the original and not on certified true copy which is unlike the practice followed in majority of European countries.

Process Of Poland Certificate Attestation :
  • Ministry of Education or notary in Poland
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland or an Apostille
  • Embassy or Consulate in Poland
  • Ministry of foreign affairs of the destination country

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