Certificate Attestation For UAE

Do you need a certificate attestation for use in the UAE? Then you’re in the right place. 

  • Forget all the hassle you’ve heard about.
  • Forget about the nightmare of international flights and hours of queuing.
  • Forget about the worry that something was handled incorrectly.
Our attestation services of certificates are widespread in more than 110+ countries. We have different kind of certificate attestation services like standard, premium & high priority depending on the country and customer’s need. Our philosophy of service and integrity make us believe in transparency when assisting our clients, always keeping our clients’ needs in mind. Our team member shines up their knowledge and hence quote you exact time of whole process. We are committed to provide comprehensive Legalization services as per client’s requirements. But enough about us, let’s talk about attestation of your certificates and how we can help you to use it internationally.
  • Birth, Marriage, Death and Adoption Certificates
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Identification Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Court-Issued Documents
  • Financial and Tax Documents
  • Police Clearance Documents
  • Company Documents
How Does It Work?
  1. Send us your documents or have them collected by our Executive
  2. We’ll have them sent safely to the country of origin, where they’ll be legalised by the relevant government department and attested at the UAE Embassy.
  3. They’ll be returned to the UAE and attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), before being sent back to you (or anywhere else you might need), safe and sound.

Our clients tell us that they choose us because: 

  • 110+ Countries Served 
  • Regular updates throughout the process
  • 100% Acceptance Guarantee
  • Save time and Money
  • Simple, Stress-Free
  • Free Pickup and Delivery

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