Diploma Certificate Attestation

Diploma certificate is one of the educational certificate which you required to get your employment/resident visa in UAE. But visa issuing authorities consider your diploma certificate only if it is attested by Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) in UAE. But, before getting it attested by MOFA it has to go through certain procedures in your home country where your diploma certificate was issued initially, after that your diploma certificate attestation will be completed.

Then only it can be attested by MOFA in UAE. If you want to do it as an individual on your own it’s a long process, but everyone has to go through it in order to obtain your visa. With prompt attestation services experience over the decades, you can get your diploma certificate attested with ease. All you have to do is just call our experts and get the information you need, confirm us to get your diploma certificate attested. We will take care of the rest.

We have the variety of service for you to choose from depending on the country of the certificate issued, within the time frame you need and budget to get your diploma certificate attested. Our attestation service is all over the globe. Hence we can get your diploma certificate attested by all major countries.

Below we outline the steps how to authenticate your diploma certificate through our services.

Procedures for Diploma Certificate Attestation:

1) Our attestation expert will explain you about the required documents as under

  • Original Diploma Certificate.
  • Passport copy of the certificate holder.
  •  Authorization letter from the certificate holder to Prompt Attestation Services (Only if required).

2) Handover your document to prompt attestation service collection executive without any cost.

3) After we receive the certificate, details of the certificate will be updated in our database.

4) We will dispatch the certificate to the country where it was originally issued through our courier services.

5) Our counterpart will receive the certificate within a couple of working days and submit the same to the authorized departments to process the required attestation.

6) Following are the regular procedures to get the certificate attested.

  • Notarization in the home country
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in the home country
  • UAE Embassy in home country (If you want to use it UAE)

7) The certificate will come back to our UAE office and it will be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for final attestation.

8) The attested diploma certificate will be delivered to your doorstep by our delivery executive without any cost.

Any unanswered questions with regards to your diploma certificate attestation, Please contact +971551762864 or email to info@attestationuae.com. Also, you can ask your requirement through our inquiry form.

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