Good Conduct Attestation

Good Conduct Attestation

Good Conduct Certificate is a document issued from the police department of a particular country after the background check of an individual stating that he or she does not have any previous criminal record including arrest or conviction in their home country or the country he or she resided for a certain period.  When it comes to the security of the country UAE remains one of the top countries that implement strict laws to protect its citizens and expats. Good Conduct Attestation is one of a new rule that UAE introduced in 2018 for the people who are seeking employment in the UAE from outside the country.

For few countries we can get the good conduct certificate from the home country of an individual, for few countries citizen has to go in person and apply for the good conduct certificate from the nearest police station or good conduct issuing authority. This process defers from country to country, below is the example of getting good conduct certificate from India.

For Indian Good Conduct Certificate:

An individual can apply for the good conduct certificate though Passport Seva Online. If the Person is not in the country, any of his/her blood relatives can apply for the good conduct certificate by presenting their relation proof and identity proof.

Other Countries Good Conduct Certificate:

Prompt Attestation Services will handle all the attestation process of the good conduct certificate for more than 70 countries. Since good conduct certificate attestation is a totally different process compared all other attestation services, hence please place your requirement pertaining to the country by contacting our attestation advisers team through below contact details to get the exact clarification be it about time duration, process, required documents or price. Our team will be more than happy to assist you for the same.

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