Qatar Certificate Attestation

Qatar Certificate Attestation

Qatar Certificate attestation is important while moving to Qatar. Qatar being an emperor state, welcomes all its talented immigrants as they migrate in hope for brighter opportunities and one of the best business climates that attract millions of investment opportunities.

Since Qatar isn’t a member of the Hague convention, it is necessary to get attestation whether educational, non-educational or even commercial.

Requirement of Certificate Attestation for Use in Qatar Based on their types
  • Educational certificates include Degree, Diploma, BA/BSc, M.A and PhD certificate attestation required for employment visa/labor card.
  • Non-educational or Personal certificates include marriage certificate, experience certificate, divorce certificates, and death certificate attestation required for family visa/admission of school children.
  • Commercial certificates include trade license, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Incorporation, Special Power of Attorney, Commercial Invoice, etc. required attestation for company registration, to open a new bank account or Planning to buy/sell shares.
Procedure of Certificate Attestation in Qatar
  • Every qualification certificate issued from outside the State of Qatar, being attested for Qatar now requires Certificate/Diploma with a transcript and a cover letter as supporting evidence alongside it. This means that the process now entails attesting three documents rather than one.
  • Non-educational or personal certificate attestation process includes the attestation by the state department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and finally the Embassy of Qatar
  • Commercial documents attestation process includes attestation from the State Department, followed by the attestation of the Ministry of External Affairs, and finally the Embassy of Qatar.

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