Switzerland Certificate Attestation

spanish certificate attestation

Switzerland Certificate Attestation

Switzerland certificate attestation is a vital procedure when delve into a career or business opportunity in UAE or other country, you need to get attest your certificates by specified authorities.

In attestation process an official document, issued by a foreign public authority, is asserted legally in Switzerland. It is carried out by an authorized person, department, or government entity. During this process, the official person puts the seal or stamp on your documents and signs them after validating the documents. The stamped or signed documents considered as verified or valid to use in other countries.

We are providing legalization or apostille, for all types of Switzerland originated documents for use in any country. However, the procedure may vary depending on the document and if the host country is a member of The Hague Convention the certificate should be apostilled and if not, the certificates must be attested by the embassy of the country to which you plan to use.

As UAE is not a member of Hague Convention, documents require to be attested prior from the Switzerland to being used them here in the UAE. Process of Attaining attestation stamp from Switzerland

  • Authorization at the Notary
  • Attestation at the Chancellor’s office
  • Validation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bern &
  • Last stage is authorization at the UAE embassy in Bern.

Once the attestation for UAE is completed in Switzerland the document is returned to us in UAE to further get the MOFA attestation done locally.

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