Ukraine Documents Attestation

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Ukrainian Documents Attestation

The documents in Ukraine are issued in Ukrainian language i.e., degree, diploma, marriage, birth certificate etc. Hence ukraine certificate need to be translated before they can be legalized in any way.

Ukraine is a member country of the Hague Convention of Apostille since December 22, 2003. So, any movement of documents between the member countries must bear an apostille. The only country where Ukrainian apostille is not recognized as of 2018 in Kosovo.

Any documents going from Ukraine to a Non-member country must be translated and notarized, attested by the concerned local authorities, super legalized by the UAE Embassy in Kiev and in the end, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. For this process, the physical presence of the document owners is not necessary.

Process for Ukraine Documents Attestation :
  • Ministry of Education or notary in Ukraine
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine or an Apostille
  • Embassy or Consulate in Ukraine
  • Ministry of foreign affairs of the destination country

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