Difference between Attestation and Apostille

Difference between Attestation and Apostille

Attestation vs Apostille

Certificates authentication is becoming an essential aspect of every expat overseas these days for various reasons, and therefore each country has set-up certain rules and regulations for avoiding discord.

If you are planning to work in the UAE, you must know the process of document Legalization and importance. The process of authentication was introduced as a measure against fake documents.

Attestation and Apostille are both important to make your entry into any new country. You need to get your documents either apostille or attested to make it genuine in obtaining long-term visas and performing business in foreign nations. Legalization or authentication services depends on which country you plan to go or need for submission. If you are going to the country that is a member of The Hague convention then you need Apostille and if not, then all your documents need to be attested.

What is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of checking the authenticity of original documents & declaring its authenticity by attaching the signature of the verifying department. The process needs the submission of original documents as well as a copy of the same to authorized employees for verifying and requiring sign/stamp on guided area.

What is Apostille?

An Apostille is a validation form issued for the certificate that will use in countries that are a member of The Hague convention. It is a computer-generated form with a unique identification number and pasted to the back of the document. With this unique identification number records are maintained online and allow concerned authorities to check the validity in a more convenient manner.

There are three basic types of Legalization:

State Attestation

State attestation is required before MEA attestation, where depending on the type of document, related state validation is required.

MEA Attestation or Apostille

MEA attestation or apostille is done only after attestation by the relevant state department.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is finished once the MEA attestation/apostille.

Difference between Attestation and Apostille