Is Certificate Attestation Mandatory for UAE Visa?

Is Certificate Attestation Mandatory for UAE Visa?

The UAE employs a large number of people. Thousands of people move to UAE for education, business, and job. UAE is an exacting country so for individuals to move to UAE for the work their instructive reports should be authenticated under the power. The Educational certificate attestation for UAE is attempted to demonstrate the validity of the authentication if an applicant is intending to move to UAE for work purposes.

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So, now the question is are you Coming to Dubai for the first time that too for a job?
Right after graduation and you are confused about whether you can get the visa without the attestation of the documents because you do not have the final degree certificate received from your college?

For all the questions you have an answer would be “NO” for the visa processing the documentation is a must part in UAE.
No need to worry about there are options in which you can process for a visa with attestation for that you should at least have some documents from your college like a provisional certificate, consolidated mark sheet, and different semester mark sheets.

All these certificates will help you in getting the visa process done but for that, you need to take consent from the company you are going to work with. If they require only a degree certificate for the attestation that case nothing else can be done.

There is a piece of wrong information in the people’s mindset that all who are coming for job attestation is required. Yes, in UAE you need an attested document from the home country to the ministry of foreign affairs so that the certificate is valid but few categories like rivers, tailors, cleaners, and other similar jobs will not be asked for attestation anymore. when one category does not need while the others with the profession of Doctor, Nurses, Teachers requires all their documents need to be attested not only the highest qualification.

Educational Certificate authentication will help you in accomplishing vocation objectives from UAE. It is a real movement and by which you can show the authenticity and realness of the authentication.

So even if you do not have the degree certificate still there is hope for processing the visa by your employer as the UAE authority only requires a genuine certificate from the respective universities.

You ought to get your authentications validated preferably before you show up in Dubai. there are two different ways to get the educational records validated in Dubai. It is possible that you can offer it to an organization in UAE and they will accomplish the work for you, or you can go through the process yourself.

Is Certificate Attestation Mandatory for UAE Visa?

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