Attestation of School Certificates in the UAE

Most of them are confounded concerning school certificate attestation in UAE. Now no worries about the long process or the time being taken. We can help you to get your documents attested from 100+ countries.

Before you relocate to UAE with your family or kids, school certificate attestation for your child is more important to get an admission or anything related school process it is needed. All certificates issued from schools including Transfer or school leaving, higher secondary, A level, and O levels are considered as School certificates.

 school certificate attestation

UAE Government and school authorities are more peculiar about the document and its verification because they want to make sure that provided documents are valid or genuine. UAE institute authorities will consider the document valid once it is attested from the respective departments and country.

Certificate validation for UAE the procedure may be taking a little longer as a translation of the document from the respective language to Arabic. Then it must be given for the Notary Public endorsement, Ministry of External Affairs or the Department of Foreign affairs verification in respective home country, UAE Embassy endorsement and finally the most important stamp that is required for the school certificate or any other document is from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE.

Documents that are needed for validation are the original certificate along with the passport copy of the applicant. And if the passport is under process or not available then a valid government ID is required to complete the process. Kindly note the process and the time span for the legalization process depend upon the country and it will be case-specific.

Attestation of School Certificates in the UAE

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