Your Exclusive Roadmap to Degree Attestation in the UAE

Your Exclusive Roadmap to Degree Attestation in the UAE

Embarking on a professional or educational journey in the UAE requires more than just packing your bags; it demands meticulous attention to the attestation of your degree certificate. This process, though intricate, ensures the seamless integration of your qualifications into the UAE’s academic and professional landscape. Here’s your personalized roadmap on navigating this essential step:

degree certificate attestation in UAE

Understand the Attestation Process

At its core, attestation is the formal validation of your degree certificate’s authenticity. It’s a systematic approach employed to ensure that your academic achievements meet the demanding standards upheld in the UAE.

The first step is to get your degree certificate notarization by a trusted notary public in your home country. This pivotal step serves as the cornerstone, affirming the genuine nature of your degree certificate towards validation in the UAE.

State Department Attestation:
After notarization, you need to get your certificate attested by the state department or equivalent authority in your home country. This critical step serves as a double assurance, validating not only the authenticity of your degree certificate but also affirming the credibility of the notary’s signature.

UAE Embassy Attestation:
After successfully obtaining attestation from the state department, your document journeys onward to the UAE embassy attestation or consulate in your home country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation:
Upon receiving attestation from the UAE embassy, the final step, you need to attest your certificate by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This last step is necessary to legalize your document for use within the UAE.

Translation (If required):
If your degree certificate is not in English or Arabic, you may need to translate your degree by a certified translator. Ensure that you notarize as well as attest the translated document in accordance with the same procedure.

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Your Exclusive Roadmap to Degree Attestation in the UAE