UK Degree Certificate Attestation & Apostille Services

UK Degree Certificate Attestation & Apostille Services

Moving abroad? If so, it is likely that you will need attestation of your UK degree certificate, to be able to use it in the country you are moving to. We can assist you with the complete  process, so you can concentrate on packing!

When preparing to get your degree certificate attestation for use abroad, there are a couple of questions you need to determine:

1. Do you need to apostille the original degree certificate or a copy of the original?
2. Do you also need to get the transcript done, or just the degree certificate?

We always recommend you check with the consultant before starting the process to apostille your degree.

UK degree certificate attestation for UAE

What is the UK degree attestation process?

Preparing your degree for use abroad is either a two or three-stage process, depending on the country you intend to use it.

In all cases, you will need the degree certificate (and transcript, if required) notarization and then an apostille stamp at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Often, this is enough, and the apostilled degree certificate is then ready to use.

However, in some cases, you will need document validation at the consulate of the country in which you intend to use the degree certificate. Countries that need legalization at the consulate that we often deal with include China, UAE, Qatar, Vietnam, and Thailand. We offer a full notarization and consular legalization service.

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Notarization and Validation of degrees

Options available for the notarization of your degree certificate, depending on whether you want to:
• your original certificate
• a copy of the original

Do want to notarise and legalize your original degree certificate

To attest original degree certificate, we first must verify it with the university that issued it. We will ask you to sign a letter authorizing the university to verify the certificate for us. We normally email the university to attach a scan of the degree certificate and a scan of the authorization letter. The university will respond with verification of the degree.

Most UK universities respond within 5 working days, but some can take up to 15-20 working days. We can advise you of the applicable timescales when you contact us.

Once we receive verification, we produce our notarial certificate confirming the degree is authentic and has been verified by the university.

Then we will do the apostille and any consular stamps/certificates for the degree.

Do want to notarize and legalize a copy of your UK degree?

In most cases, clients want to notarize a copy of their UK degree certificate rather than the original.

Notarization of the copy is beneficial because it doesn’t spoil the original certificate and is useful for the future. However, some countries (particularly Latin American countries) often insist on the attestation on the original certificate.

Do I need to notarize my UK degree and transcript?

Sometimes clients ask to notarize and legalize both their degree and transcript.
We’d then need to decide whether the two documents can be notarized together in a bundle to make one document, or whether they need to be notarized and legalized separately.

If they are together in a bundle, then we will produce our notarial certificate on our A4 letterhead and will bound together with the degree and transcript. The apostille and any other stamps are then affixed to the back of our certificate.

The benefit of bundling the documents together is that only one apostille is required and one consular stamp. However, some consulates (UAE and Qatar) will not legalize the documents if they are bound together.
If documents are notarized separately, a notarial certificate is produced for each. However, two apostilles will be required as well as two consular legalizations.

For attestation fees and turnaround times for UK degrees, please contact us. The level of degree certificate attestation needed varies from country to country.

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UK Degree Certificate Attestation & Apostille Services