Legalizing Documents for the Exportation of Goods

Legalizing Documents for the Exportation of Goods

Trading worldwide will increase the sales potential of any company and it is easy to see why several companies will aim to sell their goods internationally. The document requirements and regulations for the supplies of goods vary usually from country to country. It is important to confirm what paperwork will satisfy the requirements of the local authorities in the country to which goods are to be exported.

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What Documents Are Required?
There is various documentation that needs to take into significance when exporting goods internationally. This is reliant on the type of goods and any rules in place in relation to these goods. The UAE Trade Department helps with what commercial documents need to legalize in each case. Some of the most used documents are summarized below.

Commercial Invoice
An invoice will usually be prepared by the exporter summarizing the goods being shipped overseas. This will often be used by customers to verify the value of the goods and any costs due. Commercial Invoices will need to be attested in order to be recognized abroad.

Certificate of Origin
Certificates of Origin attestation is required for the exportation of many goods. The document is assembled by the shipper or by the Chamber of Commerce to define the origin of the goods being shipped. If there is any trade agreement between the two countries the document can be used to benefit from reduced tariffs.

In addition to obtaining the essential paperwork, companies should also be aware of any attestation requirements. It is imperative that the correct paperwork is legalized to prevent any delays in getting paid & exporting the goods, even more so if the goods were fragile which would mean delays could significantly affect profits.

We are proud to assist many corporations with the commercial certificate attestation of their important export documentation.
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Legalizing Documents for the Exportation of Goods