How to do Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

How to do Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

Whether it is for job, family reunification, or just a fresh experience, starting a journey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be an exciting chapter for couples. But one need that foreigners frequently run into is the requirement for documents attestation, particularly for important documents like marriage certificates.

marriage certificate attestation

Step 1: Verify the requirements:
It’s important to become familiar with the requirements stated by the UAE authorities before beginning the certificate attestation process. It’s important to confirm the requirements with the appropriate government offices to verify correctness, as they may differ based on the emirate you’re moving to.

Step 2: Notarization in Home Country:
The first step in the marriage certificate attestation process is to get notarized by the authorities in your home country. This involves a legal professional certifying the document’s authenticity, generally at a notary public office or the relevant government department.

Step 3: Attestation by the State Department:
After notary stamp, the marriage certificates should endure attestation with the aid of the country department. This step includes verifying the notary’s signature and seal.

Step 4: Authentication at the UAE Embassy:
The next step is to have your marriage certificate authenticated by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Step 5: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Stamp in the UAE:
Upon arrival in the UAE, your attested marriage certificate must be submitted to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for final verification.

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Navigating the marriage certificate attestation process for the UAE may seem intricate, but by following these steps diligently, you can ensure that your vital documents are legally recognized in your new home. Remember to stay informed about the specific requirements and seek professional assistance if needed. Your journey to the UAE awaits, and with proper document attestation, you can embark on this adventure with confidence.

How to do Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

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